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In every life, there comes a time when we canít do it all alone.

Sometimes we need help to survive the pressures of life, to save our marriage,
to solve family issues, to conquer depression, to deal with the anxieties of life,
to cope with stress at work or just to enhance our lives.

Sometimes we need direction so that we donít continue to make the same
mistakes again and again.

Sometimes we just need to learn a new way or to find purpose.

You donít need to do it all alone,
Weíre Here For YOU!

The purpose of counseling is to help you to become all that you were created to be. We do this by listening to you, supporting you, inspiring you and teaching you the best ways of expressing yourself with confidence.

Every counselor at A Helping Hand is experienced and caring.

A Helping Hand Counseling is comprised of licensed clinicians whose expertise is in brief-focused therapy. They will assist you in getting to the root of the problem. The goal is to help you to look at your past so that you may change your present and therefore enhance your future.

Each of us have specific areas of expertise and training so as to insure that you will receive the best therapy available.

Begin to build a better future for yourself today!

Locations throughout San Diego County

Therapy available in the following languages:

Biblically based Christian Therapy is available on request.

A Helping Hand also offers Court Approved Groups:

52 week Domestic Violence Recovery Program
14 week Anger Management Classes
12 week Parenting Classes
26 week Change for Life (Cognitive Therapy) Program
Non-Protective Parent Program
Sex Offender Treatment Program
Sexually Abusive Youth - Juvenile Sex Offender Program

To make an appointment at the location closest to you, call:
(858) 558-4655